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Sky Rocket your advertising ROI simply by plugging into the right traffic sources. Our network delivers more than 1 billion impressions daily, and unlike other platforms – the impressions Adselerrate delivers are people who are already paying for a product or service relevant to the offer you are seeking to show them. Why show ads for a video site to people who never pay for anything, or show ads for a dating offer to people on a site that doesn’t share relevance with your target purchase? Custom tailor each ad buy and select the specific placements that will put the right ad in front of the right customer. That way the customers get ads that actually interest them and you get actual sales.

We continue to add Quality Publishers after a careful vetting process to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform. The high profile Publishers we work with provide traffic across all Operating Systems, Geographical Regions, Time Frames, Mobile Devices, Carriers and Social Demographics. This becomes especially important when you deal with exclusive Members Area traffic, because the paying customer who already bought product 1 from another company is often willing to buy products from a relevant Advertiser within their trusted member community.



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